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Welcome to Expanse Strategists LLC

Your Partner in Sustainable Growth

Melissa Bloom, Ed.D. –

I help Founders scale & succeed through strategic guidance, operational optimization & leadership development 


Your Company Can Reach Revenue and Growth Goals Sooner

Melissa Bloom

I use the proven Predictable Success model to pinpoint exactly what strategies you need to grow your business or nonprofit today!

Les McKeown, Predictable Success founder, has this to say:

"You have a vision for a greater future and you can see it so clearly. But the problem is getting there. 

You made your own path and it worked. Today you make good money. You employ a team of other people . . ."

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You're not alone.

Do You Feel Like a Victim of Your Business’s Success?

A staggering 92% of businesses face similar challenges as they attempt to scale successfully. These challenges often result in the implementation of new strategies, costly hires to address issues, and a neglect of your mission and vision. This can lead to an overworked CEO or founder, overwhelmed employees, and a decline in the company's culture.

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The Predictable Success Model

You can't spot fix sustainable success

With a comprehensive playbook that gives you the right strategies and the right leaders, you’ll find yourself on the fast-track!


Here are just a few ways Expanse Strategists can help you grow your business!

Solutions for Growth

Accelerator Workshops

Expanse Strategists LLC

With three customized programs, we are able to support companies at every stage of their journey:

  • Accelerate: For mid-stage startups looking to establish a strong foundation to quickly grow

  • Elevate: For growing companies who have experienced market success and are ready to unlock their team's full potential.

  • Transform: For established, growing businesses seeking to 5x their revenue and break through market plateaus. Allows the CEO/Founder to be a true innovator.

Our individually delivered workshops allow you to begin or continue your growth journey on a smaller scale.

  • The Team Diagnostic Workshop guides leaders to clearly identify where you’re at, where you want to go, and who and what you’ll need to get there.

  • Ready to tackle specific strategies? Choose from our world-class selection of 13 different Imperative workshops designed to give you and your senior leadership team the breakthrough you need to scale your organization.

Understand and harness your natural leadership style and learn how to motivate and lead your team to the next level as you enjoy the benefits of having a skilled outside perspective committed to your success.

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Melissa Bloom

Meet Dr. Melissa Bloom

Founder of Expanse Strategists and Licensed Scale Architect


I'm more than just a business strategist – I'm a hands-on partner for leaders who want to make a real difference. My passion lies in working alongside purpose-driven Founders and CEOs, helping them grow their businesses and make a lasting impact in their communities.

With a diverse background in both public and private sectors, I bring a unique perspective to the table. I've been in your shoes as a Founder, CEO, CXO and President, and I've learned that trust and empathy are crucial for meaningful collaborations.

What makes me unique? I'm the only certified Scale Architect with a rich mix of experiences in public education and in growing EdTech and professional services companies. I don't just talk about business growth – I make it happen. Using the practical Predictable Success model, I provide personalized coaching and advice, guiding teams towards real, tangible growth.

Melissa is proud to hold prestigious business credentials including: Predictable Success, Licensed Scale Architect, Certified 6 Team Conditions (Harvard), Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Scrum Master, and Predictive Index.

Les really captures the integration of key business processes, people, and leadership to consistently deliver a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, and profitable growth for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Alan Mullaly

President and CEO
Ford Motor Company


Praise for Predictable Success

Melissa Bloom Gets Results

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Meet Les McKeown

Founder and CEO of Predictable Success

In this role, he advises CEOs and senior leaders of organizations on how to achieve scalable, sustainable growth and speaks to Fortune 500 companies about his breakthrough strategies.

He’s the bestselling author of Predictable Success, The Synergist, Do Scale, and Do Lead.

Prior to founding Predictable Success, Les established himself as a serial founder/owner, starting more than 40 companies, in addition to being the founding partner of an incubation consulting company that advised on the creation and growth of hundreds more organizations worldwide.

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